Eyelash Extension Kits

One of the first and the most basic steps to becoming a professional and a sought-after lash technician is to purchase the right eyelash extension kits. But, while this may seem like an easy and straightforward task, it involves a lot of care and caution. With eyelash extensions coming at a hefty price, getting a foot in the door would be very lucrative for a would-be lash professional! Making grievous mistakes up front by buying low-quality eyelash extension kits can mean poor applications, a lot of money out of your pocket, and unhappy customers. Here is your guide to buying eyelash extension kits.

Most often, a basic kit comes included as part of the lash extension training provided by leading manufacturers to obtain a certification in using their extension products. These kits are useful in practicing during the demonstrations and learning the application process. However, an eyelash extension kit to start as a professional will likely need to include a wider selection of lash types, so that no matter what your customer prefers, they’re sure to get it. This is where the cost of the kits can be a significant factor. Avoid cheap kits altogether – not only will they lack a large selection of lashes of varying curvatures, lengths, and colors, they may also contain “bottom of the barrel” eyelashes, which means that the silk or synthetic lashes contained therein are unpopular or odd sizes or shapes.

Ensure that your kit contains appropriately curled lashes as those will probably become your most used! Also, note that a kit for starters will not likely include authentic mink lashes because they are much more expensive than their plastic counterparts, and you may not want to learn and practice with such high-end eyelashes.

Not only are costly and larger kits more likely to contain a greater variety of starter tools and products but they also frequently include two and three times the number of applications. For a beginner, this initial investment can be huge, but it can save your money in the long run. Better deals can be offered when purchasing in bulk quantities, and eyelash extension kits are no exception to the rule of bulk buying. Some kits come with eyelashes worth several 100 applications, meaning that a beginner will have more than enough to apply and to turn a tidy profit before having to buy more kits. This means that as customers buy eyelash extensions, the costs for the products used will already have been expanded by purchasing in bulk, therefore making your business more profitable.

A professional eyelash extension kit contains marketing and informational material as well. While this may seem like fluff used for nothing more than increasing costs, it’s hugely beneficial – especially for clients who want to know whether or not their brand of non-toxic makeup is safe for use with extensions or how to apply mascara after having extensions applied. Being able to provide useful information to clients can mean repeat business by assuring them that you are concerned about the longevity of their new mink or silk lashes and their happiness. Last but not the least, always look for eyelash extension kits that are handcrafted by leading lash technicians who have several years of experience. This will help to ensure that you’re only buying kits of the best quality.