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No Pinching, No Crimping
As heat is gently applied to the lashes, the lash curler’s circular comb softly lifts and curls smoothly from base to tip, with none of the pinching or crimping sometimes caused by traditional eyelash curlers.

Sleek, Comfortable Design
Whether you’re right or left handed, this slim, ergonomically contoured heated electric eyelash curler comb fits naturally in your hand for maximum comfort and control. Its sleek design slips neatly into your bag, luggage or purse for quick touchups at work, at the gym or anywhere. It’s also ideal for use while traveling.

Power And Convenience
First only need 8 second,the temperature indicator light turns red when heating finish.Low and high temperature choose,suitable temperature design will No damaging to your lashes.
Second, it very easy use and did not hurt your eyelash, you can take to anywhere.

Material: Plastic,ABS 
Item: Electric Eyelash Curler 
Power Supply:lithium battery 
Net Weight:16g

Package Included: 
1*LEDTEEM Heated Eyelash Curler 

1. Please do not wash the curler by water directly. 
2. please put the product at indoor or dry place. 
3. Please keep the product away from the children. 
4.Please kindly note that the item will be work after using mascara.

Product Features

  • SIMPLE USE: this clip is in the shape of pen and is as simple as mascara, concave can roll quickly to create curly eyelashes, 2 temperature modes are available, which is suitable for curl eyelashes before or after applying mascara and perm straight hair, curved head can combine the curvature and length of eyelashes well
  • CURL BEAUTIFULLY IN SECONDS: With the gentle heat created by the heated eyelash curler comb, you can easily create the natural-looking curl you want in no time, and look your best all day at work, or out on the town at night.
  • SAFETY HEATED EYELASH CURLER: there is a considerate and protective design for your safety, a layer of heat-proof net is attached to the electric heating wire as multi temperature protection, available to avoid the eyelash being hurt and guarantee the effect
  • DUAL HEATED DESIGN: Dual heated pads designed into the heated eyelashes curler’s circular comb quickly relax and separate lashes while applying gentle heat evenly along the full length of each individual lash. The front side is for the large scale curling of eyelash and the back side, for these eyelashes easy to be ignored, especially the your eye around the corner of eyelash
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Compact, portable heated electric lash curler and cap slip neatly into purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups away from home. Cleaning brush included for easy removal of debris. FORBIDDEN WASH IT WITH WATER

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·The eyelash extension tweezers are antimagnetic acid proof anti-corrosion you can use them safely.
·High precision eyelash tweezers able to perform high precision eyelash extension.The tips are perfectly smooth and they don’t snag on
everything and they can close well or pick up volume lashes.
·Precision closure the tweezers for placement can lock into place when squeezed tightly and help to pick up eyelash extension glue easily.
·The lash tweezers is based on ergonomics feels good and does not fatigue for a long time.
·Best match of lash extension supplies tweezers:
Use the curved tweezers to separate the client’s natural lashes and then use the straight tweezers to pick up volume lashes.When you isolate the lashes
using the curved tweezers will give you a suitable angle so you don’t need to tense up or strain your wrist and save energy.
It will make the eyelash extension application easier and more convenient and save more time to serve more clients.

Please use them with caution and put the caps on heads when not use to avoid scratch yourself.
Stay away from children.

Product Features

  • Material:Stainless steel;Color:Rainbow;
  • High precision lash extension supplies eyelash extension tweezers;No hair,no lint;Strong pressure does not deform, does not burst.
  • Nice texture and light weight makes operation easy and stress free.Perfect for selecting, isolating and picking up eyelashes; The fine pointed tips make them easier to maneuver into any direction or angle.
  • Curved pointed tweezers are useful for selecting an individual lash or to separate natural lashes.Straight pointed tweezers are useful for picking up volume lashes and rapid flowering.
  • Packaged with leather case and every tweezers is with safe cap,to prevent additional injuries.

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A full kit that contains everything a young person needs to play beauty shop and learn a new skill. My BeautyShop Pal uses real hair that can be played with just like your hair! As a junior stylist, you can create new styles, braids, curls, and decorate with many of the tools and accessories already included.

Ages 6+.

Note: Hair accessories may vary with pack.


My BeautyShop Pal dolls are made of hair that may be washed with mild shampoo and conditioner. Other topical hair products may be used on the doll head hair as well. Low heat styling tools may be used on the hair, but just like your hair, it is prone to damage from heat or chemicals. We always recommend adult assistance or supervision while using heat or chemical products on the doll heads. Please test on a small section of hair with low heat settings. Please let us know how you and the Junior Stylist are enjoying the My BeautyShop Pal products by writing a review on this product!

Product Features

  • A full kit contains everything a Junior Stylist needs to play beauty shop and learn a new skill.
  • As a Junior Stylist, you can create new styles, braids, curls, and decorate with many of the tools and accessories included in your kit.
  • My BeautyShop Pal dolls are made of 100% real hair. You can wet it with water or wash with mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • Note: Hair accessories contents may vary with each pack.
  • Check out NEW products like, A Junior Stylist’s Tips and Techniques Starter Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create five different popular hairstyles!

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