This kind of eyelash curler has very substantial construction.
It gives a different and well-defined shape to the eyes.If you want to achieve more obvious curl and last longer,we recommend putting on mascara after curling your eyelashes.

NOTE:Curling first and then mascara second.

A perfect tool to boost the beauty of your lashes to maximum. Features a flatter arch for all eye shapes. Has a soft yet firm strip to prevent lash from tearing out.
Empowered with a retractable spring for shaping lashes effortlessly.

How to use an eyelash curler in a properly way:
– Make sure your eyelashes are free of mascara.
– The device can be heated for a short time with a hair dryer, but not to the extent to burn the delicate skin above the eyes.
– Open the curler, clamp lashes near the roots. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Don’t bother curling bottom lashes.
– Repeat on the other eye.
Color: rose gold
name: rose gold eye Eyelash curler
material : carbon steel +ABS+ rubber
process: electroplating
weight : 33g
packaging include:
1 x eyelash curle

Product Features

  • The Eyelash Curler creates the most voluminously curled eyelashes with absolutely no tugging, no pulling, and no broken lashes.
  • The Highest Technical Eyelash Curler, Combined a Durable Structure and Super-soft Silicone Pads That Hug Each and Every Lash For Incredible Lift and Curl.
  • Genius design fits all eye shapes and sizes, and create the most lift and curl for a gorgeous, eye-opening look that takes seconds to achieve, and will last all day.
  • No pain no pinch – Professional quality eyelash curler comes with silicone pads designed to prevent pinching and pulling of your eyelashes. Curl your eyelashes with incredible ease.
  • The gentle, easy way to curl lashes and 100% new.

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